Networking - Getxo Enpresa


Doc2netwBuild Teamwork and professional synergies among partners of Getxo Enpresa, one of the main objectives of the networking session.

The networking session has the objectives listed below:
• Generate a forum for contact and professional exchange among partners of Getxo Enpresa to establish professional networks between them.
Introduce to companies and businesses that make up Getxo Enpresa, its contribution to the Association and the business network of Getxo.
Strengthen and support partners Getxo Enpresa, introducing them to other members of the Organization and present its evolution as a company, and collect their concerns and needs
Build Teamwork and professional synergies among partners of Getxo Enpresa
• Therefore, try to increase the economic activity of the participating companies.
• Enable both a space to share and discuss common concerns and possible strategies aimed at survival and if the economic growth of member companies.

Attending the meeting of the Association integrated commercial, hotel and catering and service companies interested in generating visibility and synergies: themselves known, present products or services offered, generating knowledge of immediate market to generate sales leads and suppliers and establish professional synergies in the town.