Appreciation to the partner - Getxo Enpresa

Appreciation to the partner

Since 2004, and in various activities held throughout the year, from Getxo Enpresa recognize the business career and / or collaboration with the Association of some of our partners.

On the occasion of the execution of the XXVII edition of the 2017 Getxo Showcase Contest, on Wednesday, December 20, we paid homage and recognition to JOSUNE LANDA, owner of the Hairdressing company Mª Luisa and Josune, on the occasion of his recent retirement.

On Thursday June 16, 2016 , during the XI edition of Annual Meeting of Associated Companies ‘ recognized 3 companies belonging to the hospitality and commercial sectors , services, respectively : BASAJAUN , PELUQUERÍA I.O. ITZIAR OLABARRIA and VIVEROS SARRIKOBASO for their commitment and integration into the Association for quite a significant number of years.

On the occasion of the Tenth Annual Meeting of Partners , “the June 18, 2015 , we recognized the extensive professional and business trajectory of the company belonging to the services sector JUAN MANUEL BAEZ PODOLOGO , El Comercio , JUAN ZABALA and the Establishment THE PIPER’SIRISH PU , 3 integrated companies in the Association from its inception, that have relied on associations as a way to achieve Optimal para v Development and positioning of Your Business As the business of Getxo .

We recognized the long and significant business experience of ACANTO, BAR AMAIA and CARNICERÍA MONEDERO, belonging to the service sector, hospitality and commercial respectively. These three companies have integrated in the Association since its inception in 1984 and have invested and are committed to unity and associations as a way to achieve optimal development of the business of the municipality.

We highlight the significant role played by MAITE IBARBENGOECHEA, leading the PRESIDENCY GETXO ENPRESA for the past 7 years.


Maite Ibarbengoechea, named honorary member of the Association, and has worked for the development of the business of Getxo in general and in particular the associated, representing their interests in Institutions and etc.. and enhancing public-private partnership is key to the promotion, maintenance and growth of the business of the municipality. Therefore, from the Association publicly express our appreciation for your involvement and the performance of their duties for many years in the development of activities and services we provide and loans from Enpresa Getxo Getxo and during Fashion, for their commitment and support to contest.


From the Association also conducted a warm appreciation to the representatives of two companies in the municipality by reason of his retirement in 2014, Mª PAZ ATORRASAGASTI, JOYERÍA ATORRASAGASTI holder and JOKIN GARATE, holder of PASTELERÍA ZURIKALDAI (NEGURI).

And special mention to IÑAKI ARESTI (Joyería Iñaki) because of recient death