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Organizational structure

Organizational  structure

General assembly

Every year we realize the annual General Assembly,  in which , as the articles of association of the affiliation show, we talk about the following points of this day:

  1. Reading and approval of the items of the General Assembly related to the previous year.
  2. Activities realized during the year and plan of activities for the next year.
  3. Economic report of this year and budgets for the next one.
  4. Description of new companies that have collaborated.
  5. Renewal of the charges of the board of directors.
  6. Requests and questions.

Due to the achievement of the General Assembly, there is edited the annual memory that shows the given services and the realized activities of the affiliation.


President: Javier Galán (NORPAMAR)
Vicepresident: Gonzalo Vilallonga (GLOBAL COMUNICACION)
Treasurer: Jon Erramun Gonzalez (ANKARA DECORADORES)
Secretary: Gaizka Ibarra (ARRILUCE ROTULOS)
Charo Álvarez (CHARO ALVAREZ)
Manu Toledo/Pedro Gonzalez (LA DESPENSA 5J)
Mar Caballero (SNOOPY)



 Manager:  Nuria Ruiz de Hilla
 External Relations:  Mª Luisa Barbado
 Technical advisers of companies: Ainhoa Carcedo
Laura de Miguel

Jessica Porras