From 1st of may to 30th of june

The public can purchase and redeem in companies involved in ” GetxoBono ” their bonds ( € 40 can consume 50 € bonus).

In order to encourage consumption in commercial , hotel and catering services and township enterprises, from Getxo Enpresa , with the town of Getxo , we have driven this initiative to provide residents of the municipality consumption in local businesses.

Due to the successful acceptance by customers in the first 10 days of life of the initiative have already acquired the 700 bonds assigned to it, we could make 800 more bonds , that customers can purchase , as above, multiservice ATM in the Kutxabank (BBK ) , with any credit / debit card and two card max bonuses .

Customers can not cash your bonus in more than one place and can not require companies to return their money, if your purchase does not reach the 50 € .

The bonuses are cumulative for each ticket purchase if the amount of the ticket exceeds the total value of the sum of the amount of bonds :

– For tickets 50 € and 99.99 € 1 bonus

For tickets , € 100 and € 149.99 : up to 2 bonds

For tickets , € 150 and € 199.99 up to 3 bonds

And so the same sequence.

Participating companies must submit a copy of Getxo Enpresa sale tickets / the corresponding / s voucher / s , and will pay them the amount of expenditure incurred . Collecting this amount is performed in the first 15 days of the month after we get the submit or make / bono / s that have given them their customers, along with a copy of your receipts related thereto.